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White Cat Joinery manufactures and installs a variety of bespoke, hand crafted double glazed sash windows in london. We have a wealth of experience creating award winning double glazed sash windows, casement windows & exterior doors from scratch. We can solve all sorts of problems with traditional sash windows and doors. We approach each job according to its requirements and each and every new window and door is unique. At Whitecat Joinery our aim is to provide you with expert services and beautifully made, double glazed sash windows and doors. We also want to make sure that your experience of working with us is a great one.

In terms of style and architecture, sash windows play an important role in any building, especially dwellings, where the value of the property will be affected by the choices you make. Traditional, sustainable, wooden frames combined with double glazing using the current technology can help improve the efficiency, look and value of all kinds of properties. Installation is an area in which we take special care. We minimise disruption to our customers' daily lives by considering their routines. Our craftsmen and technicians are trusted individuals, well-known and respected in their networks, and can be relied upon to deliver the high quality products and services you expect. White Cat Joinery will endeavour to conduct the whole experience properly as well as provide a great after sales service. We are confident that we are one of the best firms in our area and assure our customers that they will be satisfied.

Our way of advertising our services has always been through providing the best possible service which then converts to recommendations by our customers. We believe in creating good relationships as well as developing our business.

Double Glazed Sash Windows

Traditional timber sash windows can be one of the most attractive features of a home – but they are not always energy-efficient due to their tendency of allowing heat to escape from a property. One of the ways of getting around this problem is by having your existing sash windows reinforced with double glazing. There’s no need to simply replace your sash windows when you can simply update them instead, and by having them restored with features such as double glazing and soundproofing you can make them extremely durable and robust without needing to compromise on their character.

Typically, safety standards will no doubt have been heightened since your windows were first installed, so we can assure you that these standards are met when we offer double glazed sash windows. This can mean using features such as safety glass for instance. Meanwhile, argon gas is sometimes used to further enhance the thermal properties of the windows that we renovate. If you’re looking for brand new double glazed sash windows, we can help with that too, whilst ensuring that they don’t look out of place within your environment.

Many people opt for uPVC when choosing windows, but we believe that the thermal properties offered by alternative, more traditional materials in tandem with the double-glazing itself make them a superior choice. Our windows are hand-crafted and offer timeless, alluring qualities. We can offer our service to anyone living in the London area and we have been accredited by such firms as Fensa, GGFI and The Guild of Master Craftsmanship. By using our simple and quick online app you can get a quote for our services without even needing to get in touch – though we are always available if you do have any queries.

A lot of the time, homeowners think that their windows cannot be restored when they can. Unless sash windows are in a particularly bad condition, there is nearly always a way to breathe new life into them. Our high standards of craftsmanship and care mean that we can reinforce your sash windows to meet today’s standards of durability without affecting their character in any way. Often these windows are one of the finest elements of a property, offering classic appeal that never goes off-trend. In a world of uPVC windows – often labelled as cold and sterile, it’s no wonder that traditional wooden sashes have remained so popular for so long.

Restoration is preferable to replacement, not just in terms of preserving character, but in terms of saving money too. Our skilled technicians know every trick in the book when it comes to making classic windows function properly, and once their work is done you should find extra value added to your property too. With only the highest-quality hardwoods on offer, once we’ve added double-glazing to your windows, they shouldn't need to be restored again until decades down the line. Choose us for sash windows in London that look beautiful and function perfectly. Don’t look for inferior alternatives – choose double glazed sash windows.

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Latest Sash Windows Work / Warner Bros. Studios WD25 7PL

Latest Sash Windows Work / Warner Bros. Studios WD25 7PL

We are thrilled to be changing the sash windows of  Warner Bros. Studio WD25 PL where the upcoming movie “The Secret Service” is being shoot. The historical building has 8 over 16 sash windows.

The history of sash windows

The history of sash windows

The oldest sash windows in the UK were first installed in the 1670s, which goes to show that with proper care your windows may outlast your house! They were used in 17th century royal palaces, including Hampton Court and Kensington Palace, read more …

Can joiners double glaze old sash windows?

Can joiners double glaze old sash windows?

Can joiners double glaze old sash windows? This is a common question we get from our customers. And the answer is yes! We at White Cat joinery can double glaze your old sash windows. It provides effective solutions when you read more …

Should I replace my Wooden Sash Windows with uPVC windows?

Should I replace my Wooden Sash Windows with uPVC windows?

Wooden Sash Windows adds financial value to your home. According to English Heritage‘s survey; 82% of estate agents this year felt that original features such as sash windows tend to add financial value to properties and 78% believed they

read more …

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

Draught Proofing Sash Windows

What is Draft Proofing? Draught-proofing is one of the cheapest way to save energy and money. Draughts (ventilation) let the fresh air into your home which helps reduce condensation and damp. A balance has to be struck between providing the read more …

New Year – New Windows

New Year – New Windows

Are you planning to organize your home for the new year? New casement and sash windows are a smart home improvement task because they make your home more energy-efficient by providing a strong seal against allowing hot or cold air read more …

Sash Windows Add Value to Your Property

Sash windows are a popular feature in British homes and well maintained sash windows will add value to your home and make it easier to sell, according to 72% of estate agents. Sash windows in London are associated with the refinement and grandeur of older properties and are a wish-list item for many home buyers. On modern properties, they can provide a touch of elegance and a hint of golden age luxury.

Testimonials sash windows testimonials

It has been a pleasure working with the White Cat Joinery and I would recommend them to anyone who wants the best quality at what I would consider a reasonable price, and highest standard.

Matt Jones

Their professionalism, attention to detail and patience from the beginning to completion was second to none. We are very happy with the quality of workmanship and we highly recommend his work.

March Howard

I wanted to thank you for the professional job all around. Kemal and his crew did an excellent job. They were considerate and professional. Laura and I look forward to enjoying our new windows for many years.

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