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Sash Window Restoration

If you’re hoping to see your sash windows restored to their full potential, you’ve come to the right place. No matter how old your windows are, we can make them look as good as new with our sash window restoration services. Sash windows have a timeless appeal, bringing an extra layer of welcoming character to many homes over the years. What’s more is that the windows can be used to maximise the value of your home, and our renovation services can enable you to keep the heat in and the cold out of your property.

During the renovation process, the condition of your sill and box frames can be dramatically enhanced, with any necessary repair work being completed. Sash cords can be replaced and weights rebalanced to ensure that windows are able to operate to their full potential. Sashes can be repainted and the windows given a whole new lease of life. Only the highest standards will be offered, reinforcing your windows and ensuring that they can stand up to everything that today’s changeable weather can throw at them.

Unless your traditional sash windows are well and truly beyond repair there’s no reason why the sash window restoration process shouldn’t be successful. Our expert professionals have renovated thousands of windows in the past, and by renovating your windows rather than replacing them you can reduce your carbon footprint too. We can even unstick any windows that may have been painted shut. No matter how old your sash windows are, we’ll go the extra mile to bring them completely up-to-date with today’s trends.