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Benefits of Double Glazing

Double glazing has become so common in the UK that many people wonder whether it’s really necessary – until they live in a home without it. It’s easy to spot. Double glazed sash windows, for example, will have two layers of glass in each pane. You’ll see the two layers when you examine the window at the frame or put a hand on each side of the pane and see a gap. The area between the two panes is trapped air, or another safe gas, and this triple barrier of glass-air-glass provides excellent insulation. It stops heat and noise passing through the window, while allowing light to get in. Benefits of double glazing include:

More energy efficient

Less heat escapes

Reduced heating bills

Less noise enters the home

More secure

Less condensation in the home

Double glazing: facts and figures

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that double glazing can save £170 per year just on energy bills – without taking into account additional benefits such as security and noise reduction. This reduction in energy bills comes with environmental benefits – a CO2 reduction of 680kg per year. However, the effectiveness of double glazing depends on the full package: window panes, frames and installation. At White Cat Joinery, we offer high-quality window installations, ensuring that suitable and efficient frames are chosen and that no gaps allow draughts in.

Double glazed sash windows

Popular throughout London, sash windows are key candidates for double glazing. White Cat Joinery are accustomed to updating and renovating sash windows in London properties, from sympathetic renovations and improvements for original windows in old homes to direct replacements of the draughty and inefficient metal and plastic sash windows installed in the last fifty years.