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Sash Windows Repair

No more draughts and easy sash window operation

At White Cat Joinery, we specialise in restoring and repairing sash windows from any period, whether your windows are original sash windows or if they are modern versions. You can rely on us to provide a competitive quote, top class service and a guaranteed stunning result that will last you for many years.

Retaining The Charm of Your Sash Windows

Like you, we appreciate the stylish good looks of sash windows however, we are well aware that with time, they deteriorate. Original sash windows don’t have the benefits of modern windows such as good insulation, noise reduction and double glazing. With age, sash windows often become stiff to operate, they also let in cold air and in many cases, there are visible signs of rot. Luckily, all of these problems can be eradicated using a trustworthy service such as White Cat Joinery. You can be assured of a premium quality finish retaining the charm of your handsome sash windows.

We Understand Sash Windows

We understand why your sash windows are integral to the look of your home. Not only are they exquisitely beautiful, they are also a valuable feature of your home.

As many sash windows date back to the 1700’s, over time, they do deteriorate. The mechanism that allows them to move up and down with ease can stiffen, break and generally decline. That’s why you get draughts, dirt, poor insulation, rattling and even noise pollution from the outside. Modern windows are made to provide homes with good insulation so keeping warmth inside and they also block out unwanted exterior noise. We know modern looks won’t work for you but there are still lots of things that we can do to get those modern benefits. For example, with good insulation, you can also reduce the cost of your central heating, which might be working overtime to combat those draughts!

Only Use a Sash Windows Expert

It’s important to only use a sash window restoration specialist who understands the mechanics. Not only does White Cat Joinery know exactly what’s needed to perfect your sash windows, we know what period we’re looking at too! The larger your panes, the greater the original owners’ of your home’s wealth was – that was due to a window tax imposed on Britain from 1696 to 1851. We take the historical features into account so your sash windows are perfectly restored.

“Our sash windows are as good as new and really do look sensational and match the period style of our home to perfection, all this thanks to the White Cat Joinery team. They were professional, courteous and completed our job to perfection. I cannot recommend them enough!”

Why You Should Consider Sash Window Restoration:

  • A draught-free home
  • Better insulation means a warmer home
  • Cost savings on your central heating bills
  • No more rattles
  • Banish outdoor noise
  • An easy-to-operate sash window system
  • Give your home more value when you come to sell

The White Cat Joinery Repair Service

We are the number one sash window repair business, offering sash window repairs, sash windows restoration, double glazing (existing sash windows and new), sash window replacement and draught proofing. We service sash windows throughout London and the surrounding areas. Our ethos is always to provide a quality service, going the extra mile to ensure complete customer satisfaction every time.

Our repair and restore process is easy; firstly, we recommend you get a free estimate by filling in our form. This gives you a no-obligation completely free quote. Once you have your quote, we like to visit to check that everything marries up and formalise the quotation. There is no obligation until you employ us to repair, restore or replace your sash windows.

We prefer to repair sash windows wherever possible and even use your original joinery where we can because we believe this is the best way to retain original period features. We don’t like using UPVC or inferior materials and often, the original joinery just needs to be carefully repaired to continue doing its useful job.We do provide double glazing while still keeping the elegance of original sash windows. That’s why our customers use us. They know that we love sash windows as much as they do and we really do our very best to restore and repair so they look as beautiful as they did when they were first built, all those hundreds of years ago. Yet, with modern technology, they perform to today’s exacting standards.Here’s what we do:

  • We remove windows from frames
  • We inspect the timber
  • We replace timber where necessary (if existing wood is beyond restoration)
  • We use quality epoxy resin to fill gaps or holes and it will always perfectly match what you already have
  • We replace sash cords that have deteriorated
  • We service the pulleys
  • We balance the sashes
  • We eliminate all draughts
  • We get rid of noisy rattles
  • We clean, maintain and paint where necessary

No sash window job is too big, or too small so for quality you can trust from a reputable name, contact us today.