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White Cat Joinery is a London based company independent business that specialises in the manufacturing of quality timber windows and doors. Quality and service is our main priority. We manufacture custom designed and standard windows and doors, shopfronts, and provide joinery and carpentry services.

We enjoy a rich history of delivering services where needed. Our efforts started in North London, and today it extends throughout London and beyond. Our key strengths and strategies, which make us special, are the foundation upon which our relationships are based. We are fortunate to work with a team of motivated, loyal and experienced people.

Another of our key strengths is family values: as a private, family-owned company, we treat one another with dignity and respect, and work hard to improve the atmosphere of the environments where we work. We recognize there are many factors involved in the service beyond the work itself – including customers, suppliers, communities, and employees. We take an all-encompassing approach that takes into consideration each and every one of these factors. Still another key strength is the reputation we have been building over the years. Receiving good feedback means more to us than earnings. We take care to maintain a strong relationship with our customers: recognising every customer has unique needs, we work hard to understand and meet those special needs – one customer at a time.

We are aware of the strain different processes of manufacture causes on the ecology of our planet. Timber is the most renewable and sustainable of all building materials available, and uses the least amount of fossil fuel energy or greenhouse emissions than other building products.

Punctual & Reliable & Clean

White Cat Joniery works diligently to make certain that projects are completed on time. Our workforce is selected not only for their exceptional skills, but also for their proven commitment to reliability and punctuality. We always maintain a safe and clean environment throughout the duration of the job.

Budget Conscious

Prior to the commencement of any project, White Cat Joinery undertakes a detailed project costing. We are prudent at budget management, which guarantees that you pay no more than the fair price agreed upon at the outset.