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Sash Window Draught Proofing & Overhaul

Stay warm and reduce energy bills

A draughty room is often an unwelcoming room. It is also costly to run as the central heating is constantly working to keep the temperature to its optimum. As the weather grows colder, the draughts are harder to manage and that’s why it’s best to deal with sash windows that need a long-lasting repair.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of sash windows, they do deteriorate over the years, which is unsurprising as they are often hundreds of years old. Old Victorian, Georgian or Regency buildings are usually chilly, because the sash windows are rotten, the glazing isn’t performing and need they replacing or restoration.

No More Draughts

The White Cat Joinery draught proofing and overhaul service is designed to prevent unwanted draughts and keep your home nice and warm. We preserve the beauty of your sash windows while bringing them up-to-date with undetectable modern features such as draught proofing; filling in cavities and gaps. Our service stops unwanted window rattling, dust, dirt and exterior noise from entering your home.

Breathing New Life Into Your Sash Windows

Our overhaul service will ensure your sash windows work properly, without any stiffness and keep your home securely protected too.  We breathe new life back into your old sash windows and at the same time, improve energy efficiency so in the long-term you save money on heating bills.

Our overhaul service is far more cost effective than replacement and because we appreciate the charm of timber sash windows, we prefer to keep their original features as much as possible.

Years of Sash Window Overhaul Experience

With years of unrivalled experience in draught proofing sash windows we regularly perform restoration on Georgian properties, Regency properties, Victorian properties and other period homes. Rest assured that we thoroughly understand the nature of the mechanics required.

Rely on White Cat Joinery to

  • Seal gaps and cavities to prevent draughts
  • Repair damaged timber
  • Repair damaged glazing
  • Fit new ironmongery
  • Fit new locks
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“We couldn’t be happier with White Cat Joinery. Our sash windows look marvellous! There’s no draughts coming in anymore and our heating bills have dropped. They work properly, without stiffness and we feel really secure with brand new locks. Would not hesitate recommending their service to anyone. Great job!”