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Sash Windows Complete Renewal

Sash windows are without doubt an extremely handsome feature on any house and always gain many compliments. With a history that dates back to the Georgian era, they are an exquisite detail that enhance the exterior appearance of homes across the United Kingdom. The sash window fashion continued to be an important aspect of house building throughout the Georgian and Regency and Victorian periods and even remains fashionable today.

Understanding Sash Windows

A sash window is designed using individual boxed frames, with a single glazed frame. A sliding sash window is made up of two sashes with cords and counterweights and these two sashes slide upward and downward (one in front and one behind) using the cords and counterweights. The panes number approximately two, six or eight, dependent on the era, for example, six is usually Georgian but in Victorian times there were normally just two.

Retaining Original Sash Windows

Living in a period style house boasting original features needs regular upkeep, especially if you want to retain the overall look and appearance of your home. If your house dates back to the Georgian, Regency or Victorian period and still retains its original sash windows, you will likely need to replace them. Original sash windows do not have the added benefit of double glazing or noise insulation. They are also prone to letting in cold air and tend to be draughty. It’s likely the cords and counterweights have deteriorated over time and the construction may well have warped. While they look stylish and detailed, they are not as efficient as modern sash windows, which are double glazed and properly insulated.

Bearing the above in mind, it is vitally important to retain the charm of your original sash windows and choose a reputable company to restore them to their former glory while making sure they are safe to use, energy efficient. Your windows should block out noise pollution and be sufficiently insulated to keep your home warm inside. When it comes to re-fitting or restoring your sash windows, always choose a reputable fitter.

Using a sub-standard sash window fitter could affect the overall appearance of your home, so always choose a recommended, experienced sash window company, such as White Cat Joinery.

White Cat Joinery offers you a completely bespoke sash window renewal service. We treat every client with care and respect, only delivering the very best possible service and all of our joiners and fitters are highly qualified experts in what they do. Our sash windows will enhance the overall look and appearance of your period home, while giving you a wealth of benefits including an energy efficient interior, reduction of exterior noise and a quality product that lasts. All of our installations come with an insurance-backed 10 year guarantee, for added peace of mind.

All Sash Windows Undertaken

No matter what type of sash window you want, from slim box sash windows to traditional box sash windows, fine glazing bars, slim meeting rails, double glazing and more, leave it to the White Cat Joinery experts. Our sash windows are perfect for traditional homes, new-builds or contemporary houses. You can trust us to advise and install a premium product every time.

Contact us today on 020 7275 9862 or fill out our FREE estimate form which details all the information we need to prepare a quotation. Once you have your free estimate, we will organise a convenient time to visit your home and discuss your existing sash windows. Then, we will supply you with a no-obligation final quotation for your perusal. Be assured of an honest appraisal along with competitive pricing.