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Refurbish Or Replace Sash Windows ?

Whether you decide to refurbish or replace your sash windows will depend on the type of sash windows you have and the condition they’re in. If you have a problem with your sash windows, it will not get better on its own – and leaving it may allow it to get irreparably worse.

Be alert for:

– Water leaking in, particularly during heavy rain

– Damp marks on the window or the wall beneath the sill

– Discoloration or flaking of uPVC windows

– Sagging or leaning of the frame

– Condensation between the panes of double glazing

– Wood which is soft to the touch, crumbling, damp or rotten

– Split or separating joints

– Missing or flaking paint

White Cat Joinery offer a free survey for London sash window repair or replacement work. We can advise whether a repair is possible or if replacing all or part of a window would be more advisable. Where rot has set in or damage is extensive, the best refurbishments will have a limited lifespan, typically 3-5 years, while new windows last 50-60 years.

Historic wooden sash windows

Properties built before 1930 that still retain their original windows should be treated as a special case. Unlike more modern properties, the style and quality of the sash windows will often be critical to preserving the character – and thus the value – of the property. These will often be made of high-quality hardwoods and use original glass. Restoration is preferred, preserving as much of the original materials as possible.

White Cat Joinery offer a restoration and improvement service. We can not only repair your historic sash windows but also add discrete improvements. We can add draught-proofing, to keep heat in and damp out, and ensure that windows open smoothly and no longer rattle, as well as restoring the framework.

UPVC sash windows

While early uPVC sash windows provided a cheap and attractive way to cut down on noise pollution and reduce heat loss, they are typically impossible to repair once the materials have started to give way, which can happen after as little as 10 years.

If condensation has become trapped between the panes of glass or the uPVC is starting sag or flake, a true repair will be impossible and refurbishment can be expensive and will only add a few years of life to the windows. Instead, consider replacing the windows with steel or wood as these can not only add value to your property but last up to 60 years.