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Sash Window Draught Proofing

Sash window draught proofing is an excellent choice if you want to keep your home warm and quiet. Without draught proofing, it can be harder to keep heat in your home, and rattling can also occur. However, by investing in our services you can prevent this from happening whilst adding value to your home and reducing your energy bills in the process. No matter how old your windows are, we can reinforce them and make them as good as new. This service can also make the opening and shutting of your windows smoother whilst blocking out external noise.

We can work with any traditional sash windows and we will never advice you to replace rather than repair them unless restoration is not realistically possible. We only offer the highest possible standards and have built up a loyal customer network around the London area due to the high quality that we demand of ourselves.

To get a quote for sash window draught proofing, simply use our on-site app. Sash windows have a timeless appeal and are famed for adding charm and character to homes. They haven’t lost their appeal over the years, and we’ve helped many customers to make their sashes as good as new even when they were considering giving up on them altogether. The only real pitfalls of the windows is that they are known for rattling and letting heat out – but our draught-proofing services can help you to put an end to all that. We can reinforce your sash windows without compromising their elegance, character or beauty.